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What is an Ethical Fitness Coach?

Our coaches provide information and inspiration as they help students identify goals and then build momentum to make things happen.

Why Mentor?

Tom Miyashiro makes a case for investing one-to-one with students in our community that have the deepest needs.


Our specialized classroom at New London High School offers students the opportunity to get the one-to-one attention they need to thrive.

Our Curriculum

Our goal setting and character building curriculum aims to help students move toward graduation and take control of their future.


Are you a gifted communicator? You could motivate and inspire hundreds of students to reach their potential as an Ethical Fitness Coach.


Relationships matter. Spend time one-to-one with a student and help them set and achieve their big, hairy, audacious goals!


Do you excel in a subject? For as little as an hour or two every week, you could help a struggling student get their grades up.

“[LifeFAQs] provides consistent, relevant programs that engage students and inspire them to succeed…”

William Tommy Thompson

Principal, New London High School

“We are grateful for the added support of Tom and his staff!  They have become a part of our team here at the 6th Grade Academy…”

Alexandria Lazzari

Principal, Teacher's Memorial Academy

“Being a mentor has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me because as a mentor you get to relate to these kids on a different level…”

Sharon Morth


“I thought I would never graduate, but now I know it’s possible…”


Former Student


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