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Established in 2001, LifeFAQs.org provides students and educators tools for engaging the future through motivational assemblies, coaching during classes and after-school clubs, creating scholarship opportunities, and providing career guidance. Our three initiatives; coaching, mentoring and tutoring; provide an opportunity for volunteers to have a high-touch experience in improving the lives of young people. *Volunteers must be willing to submit themselves to a background check before coming onto campus.


An Ethical Fitness Coach is a presenter in an assembly, class or club setting and communicates our curriculum to students. This means that on any given day a coach might speak to an audience of several hundred students in an assembly or a small class of six students. Coaches need to be motivational, passionate and a person of high moral character. LifeFAQs is actively looking to develop personalities to meet the demands of schools that are interested in partnering with us.


Mentoring is the greatest need in our initiatives. Students are hungry for caring adults to spend quality time with them. LifeFAQs mentors take a load of 1-4 students a year during school hours. They take students through the highlights of the Here to There Curriculum and help them set personal and academic goals to help shape their future. In some of our sites, a mentor can also access student rewards funds to motivate students to meet their goals.


Our Inbound initiative at New London High School has helped us identify a volunteer need of tutors; especially in math and science. Tutors work one-to-one with students in a classroom setting to help them complete assignments in subjects where they need hurdle help. There is flexibility to be on campus during school hours for as little as an hour a week or for multiple hours throughout the week. Tutoring supplements mentoring in helping students achieve academic goals.

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