So, What is an Ethical Fitness Coach?

coachAn Ethical Fitness Coach is the face of LifeFAQs at a public school. Our coach is responsible for teaching our sole-source curriculum in an assembly, classroom, or an after-school club. Our coaches provide information and inspiration as they help students identify goals and then build momentum to make things happen. Coaches do all of this while developing students’ leadership abilities and character capacity.

A coach can be a mentor, pastor, youth or social worker, motivational speaker, teacher, stay-at-home mom, or business person. In other words, you could be our next Ethical Fitness Coach. It could be anyone who has a passion for reaching students and makes a commitment to serve a school over a long period of time.

Our curriculum focuses on helping students set and achieve goals. The Ethical Fitness Coach delivers the curriculum to the group and then LifeFAQs mentors walk through the goals that students identify and track with them in achieving their goals and move students toward graduation.

A coach is someone who motivates and inspires. They teach their team the rules of the game and develops a strategy to help the team win. The coach runs practices and drills the team to improve their player’s skills and technique. Our Ethical Fitness Coaches are committed to the development of the team and its success.

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