Why Mentor?

At LifeFAQs, we believe that mentoring is of crucial importance in making a difference in the lives of teenagers. Mentoring engages the community to participate in creating solutions to the issues we face regarding youth and family.

Our Schools:

New London High School

Lee Middle School

Teachers Memorial 6th Grade Academy

The Isaac School

Our Recipe for Success:

Our Curriculum


Student Rewards

Our Mentor Team:

“Being a LifeFAQs mentor has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for me because as a mentor you get to relate to these kids on a different level than a teacher or a tutor. The kids I mentor are all so different and have different needs and interests, but one thing they require is having someone be there when they say they will be there, someone to encourage them when they feel discouraged and someone to be a listening ear and a sounding board for when they have something weighing on their hearts. I love that I can be that someone.”

Sharon Morth

Kristin Barnhart

Andra Ingalls

Tom Miyashiro

Dennis Brennan

Josiah Yano

Lisa Zabian

Erin Bradbury

Rose Butler

Robin Miyashiro

Sam Gonzalez

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